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With the advent of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes and their introduction to the UK in 2007, the need for e-juices has risen gradually over the years. In every jurisdiction in which e-smoking has taken root, it has also acquired a wide market. One of these places is United Kingdom. There are as many brands. Most of these always contain an amount of food flavouring, and this makes the liquids even more popular.


Most e-liquids contain vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Some of them also contain small amounts of nicotine. This is an important point because in the UK, nicotine liquids can be purchased in different strengths. In fact, nicotine e-juice are considered poisons to a certain degree. It is important for such people to know that they should be stored away from light and heat. E-juices that do not contain nicotine are however easily available as well, and in different flavours. This gives consumers a wide array to choose from.

All in the United Kingdom

There are so many brands in the UK. May be this is to compensate for the regulation of nicotine e-juice. There are coffee-themed flavours like caramel coffee. There are fruit-based ones like banana, blackberry, blueberry, and cherries. You can find at our online shop juices that are inspired by spices like cloves and cinnamon bread, and the most interesting ones are the ones with beer, champagne, and cola themes. Some brands, like the champagne-based one, are more expensive than most of the rest. A lot of creativity has clearly gone into the development of them.


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