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Put a spring in your step when you add this zingy e-liquid flavour to your vape. Its blend of citrus-infused tartness and sweetness tastes surprisingly like your favourite energy drink. Don't be surprised if the flavour inspires you to take the proverbial bull by the horns and start your day off with a bang. Make this variety a staple to always have a jolt of energy close at hand.

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Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices designed to provide a sensation comparable to that of smoking a real cigarette. The one major difference between the two is that the latter involves combustion of tobacco, while the former provides the sensation through inhalation of vaporized solution. The vapour is important here, as it contains flavours that provide the throat drag.

Design and Workings of the Electronic Cigarette

These cigarettes bear a resemblance to traditional cigarettes, yet are quite different. A typical Electronic Cigarette consists of a long cylindrical part that stores the circuitry and a battery (generally rechargeable). It also has a heating element called the atomizer. Most brands have the atomizer housed within the cartridge that contains the E-Liquid.

The e-cigarette is activated once the user takes that first puff. A sensor located within the cylinder senses the movement of air and turns on the heating element that vaporizes the juice available in the tank.

E-Liquid has two key ingredients - Propylene Glycol (PG) or Glycerin (glycerol). The first one -  Propylene Glycol is an organic composite considered safe and rated GRAS by the FDA for use in goods such as medicines, food and cosmetics. The body absorbs and metabolizes this compound and it is therefore considered safe.

Glycerol is also an organic compound commonly used in many personal care and pharmaceutical items. Since these have been cleared by the FDA for use by humans, they pose no threats.

The real essence of an E-Cigarette is the e-juice. It is what provides the user with a flavourful throat drag. These liquids are available in different flavours ranging from typical menthol and minty to the more exotic ones such as champagne, chocolate, cherries, strawberry, etc. If you are undecided on a flavour then pick a pack that offers cartridges of assorted flavours. Try a new flavour each time until you figure out ones that you would like to smoke again.

By Pauline G. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Round of applause
Comment : Round of applause! I don't know how you did it. The flavour is identical and definitely my new guilty pleasure.

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By Susan C. on 16 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Perfect taste
Comment : This is just that famous energy drink, but wow, they got the flavour and taste just perfect.

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By Adam B. on 14 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Good one!
Comment : It taste like red bull

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