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Enjoy the full-flavoured taste of the oldest sweetener in the world without all the stickiness traditionally associated with it. This delightful E-liquid Honey product is almost nectarous in its flavour and doesn’t have a mouth-puckering, toothache-causing cloying sweetness. There’s just the right amount of delicious sweetness to provide pure satisfaction. It's a definite must-try!

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E-cigarettes have revolutionized the concept of cigarette smoking. These electronic devices are ultra-chic and offer a safer alternative to puffing at a traditional tobacco cigarette. They are also more acceptable in society today because they do not emit smoke and toxic fumes. There is no ban on smoking e-cigs in public places as there is no risk of second-hand smoke for people in the vicinity of these smokers.

All electronic cigarettes are fuelled by an E-Liquid. The juice generally consists of ingredients labelled safe for human consumption by the FDA. It can be made using either or both Propylene Glycol (PG) and Glycerin (glycerol). The former is extensively used in cosmetics, medicines and edible items. The use of the latter is also permitted by the FDA in pharmaceutical and personal care commodities. This renders the two main ingredients in the liquid safe for use by humans.

The other ingredients allowed in these juice are sweeteners and artificial flavours both of which are permitted.

Is the Really Safe?

To get an answer to this you will need to understand the workings of an E-Cigarette. Unlike a conventional cigarette that relies on combustion of tobacco, the electronic counterpart is powered by a battery. There is no fire, no smoke and no ash in these hi-tech versions! They provide the same sensation linked to smoking conventional cigarettes through inhalation of the vaporized juice.

The Electronic Cigarette looks, feels, and acts just like a conventional cigarette. It has a slim cylindrical body that houses the atomizer, battery, and circuitry. To get the cigarette started, the user needs to inhale or take a puff on the cigarette. This action activates the sensor that sets the heating element in motion. This causes the E-Liquid to heat up and begin vaporizing. The vapour when inhaled provides the throat drag associated with smoking a regular cigarette.

By Kevin R. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Perfect Blend
Comment : I was hesitant to try this flavor being that honey is normally really sweet. I can say that I was not overwhelmed by sweetness, which was pleasantly unexpected.

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By James S. on 17 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Actually Very Nice
Comment : Wanted to try this as soon as I saw it. Tastes really nice, perfect balance and not too sweet. Recommended.

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By Laurie G. on 15 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Is it sweet?
Comment : anyone tried this one?

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