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Be first kiss ready whenever you're out when you have this Spearmint flavoured E-juice at your disposal. With a minty taste and aroma, it cleanses the palate after a hearty meal or just because. While it deftly cools your throat and freshens your breath like only spearmint can, it won't leave a smelly residue on your skin or clothes, so your companion has no excuse to shy from getting closer.

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E-liquid is a solution containing nicotine, flavouring agents, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and it’s used to refill e-cigarettes. Generally, personal vaporizers consist of three components: cartridge, battery and an atomizer.

E-cigs are filled with flavoursome juice that are heated by the atomizer, thus producing a vapour that you can inhale and relish in much the same way as conventional cigarette smoke. E-juice is used to fuel electronic cigarettes, but the vapour is non-carcinogenic.

When you buy a cartridge, be sure that the nicotine content is clearly labelled. Whereas some have no nicotine, others will be labelled as having low, medium or high nicotine content. If you are used to smoking stronger tobacco, you may need to start buying them with high nicotine content. After an adjustment period, you may be able to reduce your nicotine intake.

Refilling E-Cig

Unlike traditional cigarettes, once your personal vaporizer runs out, you don’t discard it. Rather, you can refill it with e-liquid to continue smoking. Choose between buying a pre-filled cartridge or the e-juice itself that can be found in relevant stores. Refilling an e-cig is relatively easy. Use either the drip technique or injection technique.

With the injection technique, be sure to use a syringe to gently pour the e-juice into your e-cig cartridge. A screwdriver can be used to take off the white cap on the cartridge. In case any e-juice is left in syringe, pour it back in the container.

The drip technique is relatively simple as it involves few needles. Begin by taking off the white cartridge cap utilizing a small screwdriver before pouring it in the cartridge.


E-liquid is offered in six different strengths:

  • None- 0 mg
  • Extra Light- 6 mg
  • Medium light- 8 mg
  • Light- 12 mg
  • Regular- 16 mg
  • Extra High- 24 mg
By James S. on 17 Apr. 2014 :

Title : good job
Comment : This is a nice variation on the classic menthol taste, and worth a try.

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By Arron T. on 14 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Very Nice Indeed
Comment : Cool and fresh tasting, this is the best menthol flavour out there. Tastes of spearmint, and nice on the throat. 5 stars.

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