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French Pipe

Reminisce about the good old days when men smoked pipes full of fragrant French tobacco even if you're of the feminine persuasion when you add this classic flavour to your vape. The taste and aroma is stronger than that of a regular cigarette and more like that of a mild cigar. Inhale it as often as you want because no one can say you're risking your health and lungs with this e-liquid.

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Personal vaporizers are exploding in popularity as an inexpensive, less-risky way for smokers to manage their habit. E-cigs work by atomizing or heating flavoured e-juice containing some nicotine, which is inhaled. The result is odourless, dissipates instantly, and can be a satisfying replacement for conventional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes come with an atomizer, a battery and a medium to deliver e-liquid. Two types of atomizer-delivery systems exist: cartomizers and cartridges. Cartridge systems utilize a separate atomizer whereas cartomizers combine the atomizer and cartridge by permanently inserting the atomizer into the cartridge area. This article looks at different ways to refill each with e-juice.

E-Cig Cartridges

Begin by grasping your e-cigarette’s atomizer portion and gently twisting the mouthpiece. Consequently, the cartridge will loosen thus allowing you to remove it.

Proceed to turn your e-cig’s cartridge upside-down and check the filler material for dampness, and to see if it is burned. If it’s burned, the cartridge should be discarded and a new one obtained.

Afterwards, slowly drip it into the cartridge material until the material is wet. Don’t drip too much liquid since a flooded atomizer will render your e-cigarette non-functional until the excess juice is cleared.

Finally, the cartridge should be pressed back into place gently. Be sure to check for any leakage as this indicates flooding.

E-Cigarette Cartomizers

Begin by removing the cartomizer. To do this, firmly grasp the battery-end and untwist the cartomizer portion.

Proceed to hold the cartomizer in such a way that the end that screws into the battery is facing up. E-liquid shouldn’t be filled from the mouthpiece side, as this portion has a silicone plug that inhibits liquid from getting into your mouth while inhaling.

Afterwards, cover the hole on the mouthpiece side and slowly drip it into the battery-side hole. Allow each drop to soak in before continuing. When it’s full, it will pool in the reservoir around the hole.

Remove your finger from the mouthpiece hole, thus allowing gravity to drain the last drops from the reservoir into your cartomizer. If e-liquid drops through onto your bottom finger, be sure to puff through the mouthpiece side of the cartomizer into a napkin to clear the excess juice and prevent flooding.

Finally, the cartomizer should be screwed back onto the battery. Don’t over-tighten, as the threads on personal vaporizers can’t withstand stress.

By Rachel G. on 16 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Pleasant taste
Comment : Though I prefer the fruit flavours, this one has a nice, earthy taste. I like it.

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