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Cinnamon Apple

There’s something incredibly heart-warming and soothing about the smell of sweet apple mixed with aromatic cinnamon. It brings to mind vintage images of grandmothers baking delicious apple pies and letting them cool on kitchen tables or window sills. You'll be able to enjoy the nostalgic feeling of peace, comfort and security this fantastic sweet apple e-liquid evokes.

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E-liquids have a major part to play in the functioning of electronic cigarettes. They are the source that fuels the electronic device. The wonderful vaping experience that people refer to is possible only because of the juice added to e-cigs.

There are different types available – ranging from nicotine-rich ones to ones that have no nicotine. Nicotine juices are available in different potencies – from extra strong concoctions to the mild mixtures and are used according to individual preferences.

Base Ingredients

All e-liquids have a few common ingredients, irrespective of whether they contain tobacco or not. These are called base ingredients. To these base ingredients, manufacturers add nicotine, flavours (organic or artificial) and sweeteners. All these ingredients combined together provide a palatable and smooth vaping experience.

A number of them have been used as base ingredients. Most of them have proven unsafe and hence are not preferred by manufacturers. However, there are two ingredients that have been found to be safe while providing the ideal vapour.

Electronic cigarette smokers should look for these ingredients in the e-liquids they choose.

Propylene Glycol

This non-toxic liquid is added to provide the silky vapour that enhances the vaping experience. It is an ingredient that is commonly used in everyday commodities such as soaps, medicines and tinned foods, etc.

Vegetable Glycerin

This thick juice serves the same purpose as Propylene Glycol. It is obtained from plants and has a distinctive sweet flavour. It too has been tested and labelled safe for human use and is used by the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Together they create a blend that is ideal for vaping. The two liquids can be used individually or combined, for better results.

Tobacco-based cigarettes either taste of natural tobacco or come in menthol one. The electronic cigarettes on the other hand offer smokers a variety of flavours. You will be surprised at the number and types of flavours you can bring home. Check stores for juice that you enjoy, so you can truly enjoy vaping on your electronic smoking device.

By Rachel G. on 16 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Nice mix
Comment : Lovely mix of flavours, a must try.

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