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You can almost feel the fuzz of the skin on your tongue when you inhale this Peach E-liquid that smells and tastes surprisingly like the real thing. It has just the right amount of sweetness to tantalise the taste buds without coming off like a sugary syrup, and it has a springtime feel you can enjoy in any season. Add this as an on-hand staple to satisfy the occasional sweet tooth.

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E-liquid is a nicotine-based solution that is contained within the cartridge of an e-cig. This liquid is heated by an atomizer in the e-cig to produce vapour that is subsequently inhaled. This vapour, when inhaled, simulates the taste and feel of smoking a normal cigarette.

Ingredients & Why They’re Used

The base ingredient of e-juice that has the nicotine added to it usually consists of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol and in some instances, a combination of these two. Propylene glycol is sweeter than vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin, meanwhile, produces more vapour than propylene glycol.

The two base ingredients are often used to vary the solubility and consistency of e-juice. Whereas these bases and nicotine are the main ingredients, flavourings and distilled alcohol/water are usually added to change the flavours and to make the overall sensation taste more like a real tobacco cigarette.

An electronic cigarette’s e-juice can be flavoured just like a traditional cigarette. Because of the versatility, different juices can be produced including menthol, sweet or even fruit one.

Throat Hit is Important

Most smokers will often want to be assured that the throat hit that is received from inhaling the vapour resembles that of a conventional cigarette. Basically, throat hit is the sensation smokers get when e-juice is atomized and the vapour inhaled. Throat hit depends on the strength, and base ingredients utilized in the particular brand.

Initially, the general consensus was that throat hit wasn’t being replicated desirably and this put many smokers off. This compelled modern e-cig manufacturers to address the issue. Consequently, the throat hit of present day e-cigs is a lot more like it’s expected to be with the concentration of nicotine and the formulation of the combined in such a way to replicate it.

By Geoff B. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Peachy keen
Comment : The picture alone had me salivating and then I tasted the flavour. I felt as though I was transplanted to a peach grove.

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By Lisa W. on 17 Apr. 2014 :

Title : subtle flavour
Comment : Has a really subtle peach flavour, and is lovely.

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