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Turn to this Tobacco Flavour E-liquid when you're in need of a little extra comfort to get you through the day. It has earthy tones, which can transport the imagination to outdoor adventures of hiking mountain trails or mucking in the dirt of your garden. The heartiness of this flavour makes it a staple you will want to keep in stock in your e-juice arsenal.

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What Various E-Liquid Strengths Mean

The conventional e-liquid strengths are zero, low, medium, and high. Zero strength normally has no nicotine and is preferred by people who despite quitting traditional smoking, still have oral fixations they want to satisfy. Low strength, around 6mg/ml, is the lowest level an e-liquid UK supplier can avail. It suits people who seek to enjoy the lowest possible level of nicotine while taking full advantage of the taste of e-liquids. The 12mg/ml level is perfect for light smokers who prefer nicotine but aren’t heavy smokers in the literal sense. The rest of the levels, 18, 24, and 36mg/ml, fit your average heavy smoker.

Factors Transitioning Smokers Should Consider When Choosing E-Liquids

People who are choosing e-liquids for the purposes of transitioning need to take heed of two key factors before considering anything else: nicotine compensation and throat drag. In choosing an e-liquid for compensatory purposes, have in mind that your body has gotten used to having a specific amount of nicotine. If you choose a lighter replacement, you will end up smoking to compensate. This means you will often find yourself smoking more so you can make up for all the nicotine your body craves. Choosing a lighter strength nicotine e-liquid leaves your body craving the normal amount. If you customize properly to the appropriate nicotine strength, it should sort out all these cravings.

If you make a switch from light tobacco cigarettes to a full strength e-liquid, you most likely will dump into your body more nicotine than it is used to. These two situations normally mislead users into thinking that electronic cigarettes are not good for them when the only thing that need be done is appropriately moderating the strength.


By Kelly S. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Better than actual cigs
Comment : These E-cigs have been life savers. If it weren't for them being invented, I'd still be smoking cigarettes and I needed to quit. I know it's still not quitting, but it's the nest best thing. This flavour alone is that makes me feel like I'm smoking a cig again. It may not feel exactly like a cig between my lips, but it tastes just like one, and I am thankful for that.

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By Scott S. on 18 Apr. 2014 :

Title : The real deal
Comment : I will say for the most part, it does taste a decent amount like tobacco, but it isn't on par with actual tobacco. It gets the job done for me.

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By Anna O. on 13 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Tobacco
Comment : One of my favourite liquids. Thank you!

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