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Harness the power of Summer in any season when you inhale this invigorating Watermelon-flavoured E-liquid. It tastes surprisingly like the real thing and has just the right amount of sweetness to delight the taste buds without overpowering them. Try this refreshing flavour any time you want to evoke memories of basking in the sun on a warm day with your favourite fruit.

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Premium E-Liquids with Nicotine

Premium e-liquids are all the rage these days. Any electronic cigarette user knows that the e-liquids are the juice that goes in the cartridge or clearomizer and is heated by the vaporizer, allowing flavoured vapour to flow through the cigarette to be inhaled. There are many types of flavours from fruit to dessert flavours that taste delicious and make vaporizing using e-cigarettes super easy and even fun! The best part about so many flavours of e-liquids is that you can choose different flavours and never run out of new flavours to try. Even better than that is the fact that vaporizing using e-cigs and e-liquids that contain nicotine can be purchased at our shop.

Regular tobacco cigarettes are filled with nicotine as well as other by products that come out when combusted with heat. There are so many additional chemicals and substances that you inhale when smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette including formaldehyde, a deadly preservative, and carbon monoxide which is toxic for your body and your brain. Just remember that e-cigarettes are not quit smoking aids.

Electronic Cigarettes and Premium E-Liquids Beat Traditional Cigarettes

Traditional cigarettes are deadly and deteriorate the health of the user over time. Electronic cigarettes are clean and can be an extremely helpful alternative to tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes provide that in-the-hand feel that smokers are used to having as well as inhaling vapour and the throat drags they are used to breathing out. With premium e-liquids, you have a healthier substitute that can replace traditional cigarettes and help you be healthier and happier as a person. Again, remember that our products are not therapeutic goods.

By Joel B. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Without the seeds
Comment : Smoking as a young man, I never expected we'd come to a point in the world where we'd have vaporized cigarettes, and I never expected we'd have the likes of different flavours/liquids. I am happy I got myself an e-cig, because it is much more appealing to smoking. Plus, I can have flavours like watermelon for goodness sake. It's brilliance.

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By Chris S. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Watermelon flavor
Comment : Watermelon can be hit or miss, sometimes so overwhelming that you can not get the sweetness out of your mouth for hours. This product is mild and more of a subtle hint of melon. Highly recomended.

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By Harry S. on 18 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Great!
Comment : I've just started using e-cigs and I just started buying different flavours. This is my favourite of the bunch and it does actually smell and taste like watermelon. I've stopped smoking cigarettes for some time now because of these e-cig devices. :)

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By Arron T. on 15 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Good
Comment : Nice balance with this, just sweet enough and does taste like a watermelon.

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By Robert W. on 15 Apr. 2014 :

Title : season all year
Comment : Not everyone likes melons, but for those that do, the taste of this watermelon will satisfy that "gotta have it" feeling whenever you want to.

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