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Transport your imagination to rolling hills of fragrant Strawberry fields when you fill your vape with this fruity flavour. You will be surprised at how much it tastes like the real thing, so don't be surprised when you're tempted for more and more. With each inhalation, this strawberry treat reminds you of the flavours and aromas of Spring, regardless of the season.

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Nicotine E-Juice Makes Transitioning From Cigarettes Easier

Many people who already use electronic cigarettes know what e-juice is. For those that have not used e-cigarettes before or are just starting to think about whether an e-cig could work for you, it is another term for the e-liquid or liquid smoke that goes into the cartridges and produces the vapour. The e-liquids in the cartridge are heated up by the heating coil which turns the e-juice into vapour. Some of these e-liquids contain nicotine in them and allow for a fun and easy, relaxed way to get that same smoking feel without all the side effects and terrible chemicals added in to cigarettes! You can use these nicotine-containing juices to vaporize and have a fantastic way to transition from being an active tobacco cigarette smoker to vaporizing.

E-Juice with Nicotine

For smokers who are trying to quit soon, it can often be really difficult to find adequate substitutes for smoking as well as props to use besides cut up celery and drinking a lot of water to combat the terrible side effects of withdrawal. Going cold turkey off cigarettes creates a pervasive detox that affects the ex-smoker both mentally and physically.

Transition From Cigarettes More Easily

E-juices that contain nicotine make transitioning from being an avid and unhealthy smoker of cigarettes much easier. First, the physical presence of both holding a cigarette (although it is an e-cigarette) in your hand and raising it to your mouth as well as the throat drag really resemble the real thing! This helps you not feel like the thing you relied on is totally ripped out of your life. Make transitioning easy with e-juice that has nicotine!

By Jinther H. on 15 Apr. 2014 :

Title : So real
Comment : This flavour has a really strawberry taste to it, without being metallic. Love the after taste!

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