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Don't be surprised if your imagination strives to convince you you're strolling through a fragrant orchard when your taste buds experience this Apple-flavoured E-liquid. The taste is surprisingly realistic with an ideal blend of sweet and tart that tantalisingly tingles without overpowering the senses. With an aroma reminiscent of fresh apple pie, you will want to keep this flavour well-stocked.

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For maximum enjoyment of your electronic cigarettes, it is pivotal to take good care of your e-juice. As nicotine e-liquids are sensitive to heat and light, the users will have to store them in cool and dark places. Without proper storage and care for it, the flavouring can become fuzzy, resulting in a strange taste when you vape. Here are some good habits to care for your products.


Proper storage is something that is overlooked by most e-cigarette users as they tend to place them on the table after usage. For people who are often on the go and use electronic cigarettes, they can consider purchasing a case to hold their electronic devices. This can ensure that they do not damage the components of the e-cigs when they place it in their pockets and sit on them.

They should be stored in a cupboard that is away from direct sunlight. For households with children, be sure to lock the cupboard so that they cannot access the juice. To prolong the life of the nicotine e-liquids, one can place them in refrigerator or deep freezer. Keep it in dark bottles as they tend to change in quality when they are placed in plastic bottles for long periods of time. Leave some volume of air at the top of the liquid and keep it airtight.

Cleaning of the Cartridge

Many people fail to see the link between cleaning the cartridge and caring for their e-liquids. When you clean the cartridge thoroughly before refilling, the purity of the e-liquid is maintained. Users who do not clean their cartridge when they refill it will realize that the flavour and taste changes, decreasing their enjoyment and experience with the electronic cigarettes.

By Michelle G. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Delicious
Comment : Delicious flavouring that tastes authentic to the real thing.

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By Meri Q. on 18 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Apple flavoured, I like.
Comment : I've been smoking my whole life and I got used to something simple, but when I started using e-cigarettes and I used this flavour, it really grew on me. I have not yet tried any of the other e-liquids here, but I think I will soon enough.

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By Sophie H. on 15 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Like It
Comment : Like this one, will be buying more.

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By Laurie G. on 15 Apr. 2014 :

Title : wow - nice one!
Comment : There's only one difference between this product, and an apple fresh off the tree. One is solid, and the other is liquid. Both are delicious!

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