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Evoke memories of splurging on a banana split at the food court with friends when you sample this enticing Banana E-juice. It tastes surprisingly like the real thing with a level of sweetness that is just right and doesn't overpower your sensitive palate. This popular flavour is an ideal complement to fruity cocktails at the pub or dessert after dinner.

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How to Select an E-Liquid

If you are interested in e-cigs and the smoking experience they offer, you should know that a good vaping experience comes from selecting the right e-juice. It is the real juice of your e-cig. This fuels your electronic smoking device. It is also responsible for giving you that fantastic hit and an equally amazing flavour to savour.

There is a huge variety of e-liquids available at our shop. The challenging part is deciding which one is the best from all the choices available to you. How do you decide? Here is a checklist created to assist you to shop for the perfect juice.

Extraordinary Flavour

The best one should be on top of the list of criteria you need to consider when shopping for eliquids – for it is the one that will eventually satisfy your need to smoke. A good one will also intensify the vaping experience.

Conventional cigarettes offer limited flavour choices, but with ejuices you have a vast array to select from. You can pick it with an earthy hint or go for fruity flavours that are distinctly sweet. Have your taste of chocolate or coffee if these are the flavours you prefer. There is no limit available.

Exceptional Throat Drag

They are also available in varying levels of nicotine content. If you want a real throat drag then get it with a high nicotine concentration. You can also pick liquids with lower level content or ones with zero nicotine.

Enhanced Vapour Production

For a better smoking experience shop for an e-cig that produces good inhalable vapour. The vapour should be dense and rich in consistency. On inhalation such ejuices help create a sensation similar to that of a real cigarette.

Look for Quality Product

For your own safety, it is crucial that you buy a superior product that has been through stringent QC checks. You will be guaranteed a product that meets high standards and provides you the best vaping experience.

By Chris S. on 20 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Banana Flavor
Comment : I can not eat a banana due to its consistency (I can not take the grainy meets slimy texture) but I am quite fond of banana flavor. When I saw this, I was apprehensive...and then I tried it. There is no better flavor.

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By Lisa W. on 17 Apr. 2014 :

Title : best one
Comment : Best fruit flavour - really nice after taste to this.

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By Jinther H. on 15 Apr. 2014 :

Title : Works Well
Comment : Nice flavour, taste is good, like real thing, and not sickly.

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