E-liquid is basically a fluid that serves as a fuel to the electronic cigarette. The vapour that the user exhales which mimics the tobacco smoke from a conventional cigarette is derived from e-liquids. It also gives flavouring and the nicotine effect to the e-cigarette.

E-liquids usually have nicotine in varying strengths like zero, extra light, light, regular and high and the user gets to choose the strength of nicotine that he wants to use. It is assumed that since users look for the same kick in e-cigarettes like that of traditional cigarettes, smokers who smoke around one and a half pack of cigarettes a day, tend to use around 10 ml of e-juice a week.

Bottle of e-liquid for e-cigsThe base of an e-liquid consists of Propylene Glycol, vegetable glycerin in combination with flavours like fruity flavours like cherry or other flavours like espresso, menthol, mint, chocolate, bubble gum etc. There are different criteria that a user considers when choosing an e-juice. For some, it may be the flavour of their choice like fruity flavour, sweet taste, minty effect etc. and for some others it may be sensation that you get when nicotine is inhaled and hits the back of your throat.

The strength and flavour are important factors that determine the kind of e-juice that the user buys. E-liquid is responsible for generating the exhaled vapour which is similar to that of a conventional cigarette. But the difference is that instead of smoke, vapour is generated.

Varying nicotine concentrations are chosen by users to suit their mood and taste. The strength can vary from 0 mg of nicotine to 54 mg. Heavy smokers need higher concentrations of nicotine whereas there are lighter nicotine concentrations available for lighter smokers. 0 mg nicotine levels are suitable for people who do not really have a craving for cigarettes.

There are different levels of dosing instructions given by different manufacturers, as there are no standardized dosages. Along with regular flavours, there are exotic flavours also available like strawberry daiquiri and Boston cream pie. Mixing of some flavours produce totally new flavours. Some people even mix tobacco flavours together whereas some people mix fruity flavours together. There are refillable cartridges and use and throw cartridges and costs vary based on the device type and the e-liquid used for refilling. E-cigarettes are only an alternative for tobacco smoking and it is highly recommended that it should be exclusively used by long term smokers alone.

People who are sensitive to nicotine or other inhalants should strictly abstain from using e-cigarettes. It should also be avoided by people who have a risk of cardiac and respiratory problems, Diabetes and blood pressure.


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